How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

Having been in the roofing industry for over 20 years, some of the most common inquiries we see are for a roof repair estimate or to determine the cost of new roof. Some questions we get asked often are, how much does a new roof cost? How much is a new roof? What’s the cost for a new roof? What’s determines the cost of replacing roof? What is the roofing cost per square foot? Where can I get a new roof estimate?

The most accurate way to get a roof repair estimate or roof replacement estimate would be to schedule a Free Roof Estimate with a professional roofing contractor such as Select Renovations, and we will come out to your building to inspect and assess the situation.

Generally speaking, the cost is determined by the foot. For example, the cost to replace roof on an average 20,000 sq. foot building will typically cost between $3.50 and $7.50 per square foot. This general rule of thumb for single-ply membrane roof replacement cost includes the labor and materials needed to install the commercial roofing system. New roof cost is primarily based on square footage but there are many other factors that need to be accounted for.

When considering cost of new roof, keep in mind that since every roof is different so every roof we do becomes a custom job. A Duro-Last roofing system is pre-fabricated in a factory control environment, made exactly to the specifications of your building. A more complex commercial or industrial roof with many penetrations such as skylights, pipes or boxes, will increase the roof replacement cost.

If your current roofing system has been severely damaged by water, often times a roof tear off will be necessary since the new roofing system cannot be installed on top of this. The cost of a roof tear off is dependant upon the existing system and would need to be inspected properly by a professional contractor in order to provide an accurate roof estimate. However, it’s safe to say that if a roof tear off cost is needed, your overall cost of new roof will increase.

Another factor that influences the cost to replace roof is how many stories the building is. Higher buildings may require the use of cranes, which will most often be reflected in your roof cost. Also, If your flat roof needs rock removal (known as a ballast system), your new roof cost will most likely need to go up.

Get A Free Roof Estimate

These are just some of the main factors that make up a roof repair cost or roof replacement cost. As mentioned earlier, the best way for you to get an accurate roof repair estimate, roof replacement estimate or new roof estimate from us would be to give us a call at 586-541-8821 or send us an email to schedule your free roof estimate.