Discussing the Importance of Roof Inspections

Most roofing issues arise when you least expect them or during bad weather. Select Renovations has worked in the Metro Detroit area for over twenty years. We’ve seen extensive damage to roofing systems that haven’t been inspected in years. It’s common to overlook more minor issues that become significant expenses later. Discussing the importance of roof inspections is necessary to avoid costly expenses in the future.

In this post, you will get insights from our professional roofers about why roof inspections are essential to roof maintenance. We’ll talk about the benefits of roof inspections, like safeguarding your investment and preparing your roof for the weather. We’ll also touch upon how often you should have your roof professionally inspected.

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Why is it important to have a regular roof inspection?

Your roof protects you against the elements. It’s simple: if your roof is damaged, it leaves you exposed to rain, debris, harsh winds, dust, and even pests. Like any other product, your roof starts degrading over time. It’s more common to see leaks and structural damage in older roofs than in new ones. Thankfully, most roofing systems have warranty protection or are secured by insurance. 

Roofing companies like Select Renovations can give you all the insights on what’s wrong with your roof. We provide a solution and even work with your insurance company to guarantee a new roof to keep your home safe.

You can schedule an annual roof inspection with Select Renovations by calling us! Or keep reading to learn more about the benefits of inspecting your roof promptly.


Detects Roofing Issues Early

The primary purpose of roof inspections is to detect damage and other issues early on. Minor problems like missing shingles, damaged flashing, or leaks can seem unimportant initially. Any good roof inspector can tell you that if left unchecked, they can escalate. Identifying roofing issues like the following can prevent your roof from spiraling out of control:

  • Cracked, loose, or missing shingles
  • Water infiltration
  • Broken gutters and downspouts
  • Leaks
  • Structural damage
  • Mold growth
  • Damaged roof flashing

Warranty Repairs

When you invest in a new roof, it usually comes with reliable warranty protection. Homeowners rightfully expect their roofing system to last for decades. Warranties are just a way to protect your financial commitment in case of defects or premature failure. Regular inspections can give you insights into your warranty policies and inform you about their conditions. Adhering to your warranty requirements is vital. Most roofing warranties include provisions that require homeowners to perform regular inspections and maintenance to keep their policy valid.

Keep records of regular inspections to make the warranty claim process smoother for roofing problems. This shows proactive maintenance and helps quickly address eligible repairs. Warranty coverage can help diminish expenses and provide financial protection against costly roof replacements or repairs.


Leak Assessment

Leaks are insidious. They can go unnoticed, and the damage caused can be catastrophic. Leaks can lead to extensive water damage and mold growth and compromise your entire roof. A well-done roof inspection includes a thorough leak assessment. We identify trouble spots and fix them before they become major. Essential things to remember about leaks are:

  • Not all roof leaks manifest as visible stains or dripping water indoors. They can be silent, and roof inspectors can identify them before they become significant problems.
  • Minor issues like a cracked shingle can be an entry point for leaks. An inspection will identify these trouble spots and address them immediately.
  • Roof leaks can also pose health risks by causing mold growth and compromising the air you breathe.

A leak assessment as part of regular roof inspections is not just about plugging holes. You will safeguard your home against the destructive force of water intrusion.


Insurance Claims

If you have home insurance, you’re protected against unforeseen events like severe weather and accidental damage. Navigating insurance claims, however, can be a pain, especially when it involves your roofing system. Roofing inspections play a crucial role in the process and should be assessed by a professional roof inspector. Here’s the importance of roof inspections for your insurance:

  • Regularly inspecting your roof (at least once a year) can draw attention to pre-existing issues, areas of concern, or lack thereof. If you keep a record of those inspections, you can provide evidence that your roof was in good condition before damage occurred.
  • Insurance companies often require evidence of regular maintenance, including roof inspections, to validate claims and determine coverage amounts.
  • Insurance adjusters rely on accurate repair cost estimates to determine the coverage provided to policyholders. Following a roof inspection, roofing professionals can provide detailed estimates of repair.

If you want to make an accurate insurance claim, schedule a residential roofing inspection with Select Renovations!


Protects Your Home’s Value

Roof inspections are one of the many ways to keep your property value. Routine maintenance damage is important for homeowners because the more damaged your roofing materials are, the more your house value will drop. Regular roof inspections play a crucial role in this. By keeping your roof in top condition, you can maximize its appeal and maintain your home’s value in the eyes of prospective buyers.

A good-quality roof signals buyers that the home has been well cared for and is less likely to have hidden issues or expensive repairs. You can reassure potential buyers with proof that you partake in regular roof inspections. Regular roof inspections also allow homeowners to identify and address issues before they become deal-breakers.


Prepares You for Bad Weather

The Metro Detroit area is no stranger to bad weather, so ensuring your roof is prepared for heavy snowfall or intense storms is essential. A quality roof inspection will help you address potential details like roof penetrations and weak points that might worsen during lousy weather.

Proactive roof inspections can identify vulnerabilities like loose or damaged shingles, deteriorating flashing, or weak spots in the roof structure. Even a well-maintained roof can develop weak points over time. During a roof inspection, roofing professionals can assess these vulnerable areas and recommend reinforcement measures such as additional fasteners, sealants, or structural upgrades.

Roofing inspections can prevent the following:

  • Roof leaks
  • Clogged gutters
  • Blocked downspouts
  • Mold growth

And other weather-related issues that might worsen with storm damage.


Roofing Contractor’s Association recommends them twice a year. The frequency of roof inspections depends on various factors, including the age of your roof, local climate conditions, and any recent severe weather events. As a general rule of thumb, scheduling a professional roof inspection at least once a year is recommended. Ideally, it should be in the spring or fall when weather conditions are mild. Consider an inspection after weather events or if you notice signs of roof damage like water stains or sagging roofs.

Now That You’ve Learned the Importance of Roof Inspections…

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