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The Duro-Last Difference

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"World's Best Roof"

Duro-Last Roofing Systems are the industry leader in manufacturing prefabricated PVC roofing systems for commercial and industrial roofs. This excellence is achieved through proven chemistry and decades of sound performance. There are many important reasons why Duro-Last is called the “World’s Best Roof.”

Why Duro-Last Roofing?

See Us In Action

Todd Martin demonstrates some of the welding process involved with installing a Duro-Last Roofing System.

Duro-Last solutions are 100% resistant to the typical roof damaging elements.

Duro-Last Commercial Roofing

Duro-Last Roofing Systems

The Duro-Last Roofing System is custom fabricated from single-ply PVC which makes it ideal for any flat roof or low-sloped roof. This product is extremely durable because like the name says, it’s built to “Last”. This commercial roofing solution is highly reflective, which makes it very energy efficient. Duro-Last roofing is also watertight, resistant to chemicals, holds up to fire and high winds, all with low maintenance.

Proven Performance

Duro-Last roofing has been around since 1978 and since then billions of square feet of membrane have been installed on roofs throughout North America. Over several decades, their roofs have remained the superior product through patented technology best-in-class warranties, quality assurance and their commitment to providing problem-solving products.


Duro-Last is the only roof manufacturing company that prefabricated the entire roofing system in their factory-controlled environment. Through this proprietary process, 85% of the seams are finished before it arrives to the job site. This eliminates most of the fabrication on-site, which in other cases could lead to roof leaks.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Duro-Last warranties provide the highest level of protection for commercial roofing applications. They are the first manufacturer to offer a warranty that directly covers consequential damages. This 15-Year NDL (No Dollar Limit) Warranty will give you the peace of mind you deserve as a building owner.

Code Approvals

Duro-Last roofing membranes proudly meet or exceed the major national fire and wind code requirements, as well as most of the required regional approvals across the US.