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Roof Repair Now, Roof Replacement Later

Roof Repair Now, Roof Replacement Later

If you need a roof repair or roof replacement, the Master Contractors here at
Select Renovations can help! Most often, a roof repair is less involved than a roof replacement but different scenarios call for different solutions.

We offer a “Repair Now, Replace Later” program that certain industrial and commercial roofs may qualify for. What does this mean?

This program enables us to repair your roof now and if you decide to do a full roof replacement with us later, we will credit partial-to-full cost of the initial roof repair towards your new roof replacement.

To discuss this program and to see if you qualify, please Contact Us today!

Protect your roof, protect your business

Your roof safeguards your entire building and all of it’s contents, so it is very important to take proper care of. There are precautions that can be used to protect your building and help prevent against damage from storms, heavy rain, strong winds and snow.

Preventative maintenance

It is highly recommended that you hire a professional roofing company to inspect your roof every couple years. They will be able to determine if any roof repair work needs to be done. An experienced roofing contractor will check the condition of the flashing and caulking and will also inspect the integrity of the overall roofing system. The most typical roof repair we see is leaks that form where the roof meets the sidewalls and around any penetrations such as chimneys, vent pipes and skylights. 

How to check for leaks

The best course of action to prevent roof leaks is a proactive one. Even small leaks going unnoticed can become a large problem when bad weather strikes. If you have access to the sub-deck, it’s a good idea to monitor the underside of the rafters/beams and roof deck (metal, wood or concrete decking) during the next rainfall to see if any water, rust, staining or cracking is coming through. Noticing a problem here and taking action could lead to ultimate savings by preventing the need for a full roof tear off in the future. If you don’t have access to the sub-deck, look on the ceiling and interior walls for water damage and/or stains that suggest a leak. 

Roof vs. nature

Nature can pose many threats to a building’s roof. Tree branches that have fallen on top of or scrape against your roof can cause major damage. It’s generally a good idea to trim or remove large branches that extend over your roof so that if they do fall, they will not hit the building. Another step you can take to protect from roof leaks is to periodically clean out roof corners, inside walls, parapets and gutters that can get clogged with litter, leaves or branches. If clogs occur, it can prevent water from properly draining which will end up damaging your building.

Don’t delay

If you determine that you need a roof repair or roof replacement, it is imperative that you do not delay this until after the storm season or winter. You will want to have your roof in top shape before entering these seasons that put high stress on your roof. Remember, the cost to repair your roof or replace your roof is a small portion of the potential loss that could occur if the inside of your building and all of its possessions get damaged or destroyed from a serious leak.

Know your climate

Buildings that are in areas subject to severe weather such as heavy snowfall, high winds, hurricanes, hail storms or extreme sun exposure should take extra precautions to protect their roof. You will also want to ensure that the proper roofing system is installed to withstand the climate your roof will be facing.


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