We’ve already talked about how often you should have your roof inspected. We recommend bi-annual checkups, but your roof should be checked at least once a year for damage, especially before and after seasons with harsh weather conditions. Every roof inspection service has its list of things to look out for when constructing a roofing system. Select Renovations works with our roof inspection checklist, which involves assessing damage to the interior and exterior. 

We have created this guide and downloadable checklist for your convenience. Professionals should always inspect complex roofs, especially if you want to file an insurance claim. Still, we will facilitate the process by providing you with a list of places to check for damage yourself. 

Read about our roof inspection checklist below. 


Why Do I Need a Roof Inspection?

Roofing inspections are necessary to identify signs of damage before they become major. Minor signs of wear and tear, like leaks and discoloration, can be easily fixed if appropriately addressed. If you, as a homeowner, let damage to your roofing and ceiling progress without repairs, it might become a bigger issue. More damage means more costly repairs, and no one is looking to spend an exorbitant amount on something avoidable. That’s why our roof inspection checklist is made to address problems before they arise. 

Our Roof Inspection Breakdown

When looking for signs of damage, we have a checklist for roofing exteriors and roofing interiors.


 Exterior Roof Inspections

Our exterior roof inspections are crucial to identify damage on the outside structure of your roof. If you have cracked shingles, visible holes, or even damage, we can identify them just by looking at your gutters or surface, and we can work on the way to repair the roof before further damage is done. Exterior roof inspections sometimes require the work of professionals, safety equipment, and the right eye to catch problems like sagging and more minor cracks that need immediate attention.


Interior Inspections

Your home interior can also provide signs of roof damage. Our interior roof inspection checklist addresses all inside areas of your home that can let us know what is going on with your roofing system. We look for damage in your attic, walls, and other crucial spots like insulation. Identifying the cause is the first step to appropriate repairs. 

Here’s What Our Owner Has To Say About Our Roofing Inspections

“Roof inspections can vary depending on size, height, and travel distance from the shop. I usually walk the entire roof while recording and talking when doing an inspection. This way, customers can view the roof through my eyes. I look for different things in commercial and residential roofs, but I also look for any detail areas, flashings, field work, edge detail, sealant condition, air flow, attic space, and sub deck.” 

The Complete Checklist

As mentioned, Select Renovations checks for damage to your roofing exteriors and home interiors. By using this checklist, we can identify all the issues that need to be addressed and provide you with a residential roofing repair plan. 

Exterior Checklist

Roof Surface

  • uncheckedMissing shingles
  • uncheckedLifted shingles
  • uncheckedCracks
  • uncheckedGranule loss
  • uncheckedDips or unevenness
  • uncheckedDebris buildup

Flashing and Sealing

  • uncheckedDamaged flashing
  • uncheckedDamaged vents
  • uncheckedDamaged skylights
  • uncheckedGaps in flashing
  • uncheckedImproper fastening
  • uncheckedImproper sealing

Gutters and Downspouts

  • uncheckedDebris buildup
  • uncheckedSagging
  • uncheckedDetached gutters
  • uncheckedRust or corrosion

Fascia and Soffits

  • uncheckedRot or decay
  • uncheckedPests/Animals
  • uncheckedWater damage
  • uncheckedGaps or openings
  • uncheckedWood rot

Roof Penetrations

  • uncheckedDamaged sealing
  • uncheckedDamage vents or pipes
  • uncheckedCracked caulking or sealant
  • uncheckedOther sealant or caulking damage
  • uncheckedDiscoloration or water stains

Chimneys and Skylights

  • uncheckedDamaged chimney flashing
  • uncheckedDamaged chimney caps
  • uncheckedCracked chimney crown
  • uncheckedDamaged sealing
  • uncheckedDamaged skylights
  • uncheckedCracks in glazing

Interior Checklist


  • uncheckedInsulation Damage
  • uncheckedWater stains
  • uncheckedDiscoloration
  • uncheckedDamaged vents
  • uncheckedActive leaks
  • uncheckedDripping water
  • uncheckedDamp walls
  • uncheckedCondensation


  • uncheckedWater stains
  • uncheckedDiscoloration
  • uncheckedSagging
  • uncheckedBowing
  • uncheckedCracks or gaps
  • uncheckedActive leaks

Interior Walls

  • uncheckedStaining
  • uncheckedDampness
  • uncheckedCracks 
  • uncheckedBulges
  • uncheckedMold or mildew

Electrical Fixtures

  • uncheckedRust
  • uncheckedCorrosion
  • uncheckedSparking outlets 
  • uncheckedDamaged Switches
  • uncheckedDamaged wiring


  • uncheckedCompression
  • uncheckedDiscoloration
  • uncheckedPests/Animals
  • uncheckedRodent droppings
  • uncheckedEven distribution/Installation

Download Our Roof Inspection Checklist in PDF 

If you want to try our roof inspection checklist, we have created a PDF file available for download so you can print it and fill it out yourself. It’s easy to use and readily available at any point in time. 



Check For Roofing Issues Before They Become Costly

Our roof inspection checklist makes the process easy. Select Renovations offers roofing inspections in the Detroit Metro area. Call (586)-541-8821 or contact us through our website!